Install the theme

Install the Awesome Theme as a Python package or copy it into a local directory.

Install as a Python package

Install the latest released version from the Python Package Index PyPI:

pip install sphinxawesome-theme

To install the latest development version, run:

pip install git+

After installing the theme, you can add it to your project.

Install from a local directory

If you want to build your own version of the theme, you can clone the repository and install the cloned version as a local Python package.

  1. Create a local copy of the repository.

  2. Install the local copy of the theme in your project:

    pip install --editable /path/to/sphinxawesome_theme

    Replace /path/to/sphinxawesome_theme with the path to your local copy of the theme. The --editable option installs the package in editable, or development, mode.

After installing the theme, you can add it to your project.

Create a local copy of the repository

  1. Optional: fork the repository .

    If you don’t want to merge your changes with the original repository, you can skip this step.

  2. Clone the repository:

    • If you forked the repository, run:

      git clone

      Replace GITHUB_USERNAME with your GitHub username.

    • If you didn’t fork the repository, clone the original repository:

      git clone

After cloning the repository, you can install the theme as a local package or install the project’s dependencies.