Load the theme

Learn how to add the theme to your Sphinx project.

Load the theme from a Python package

Add the html_theme configuration option to your Sphinx configuration file conf.py:

python File: conf.py
html_theme = "sphinxawesome_theme"

Load the theme from a local directory

You can load the theme from a directory on your computer. This can be useful if you want to build your own theme, and you don’t want to separate your documentation from the theme.


When loading the theme from a local directory, you need to manage the dependencies yourself. This theme needs the beautifulsoup package to run. You can install it with pip:

pip install bs4

The following example assumes you have a Sphinx project with the following structure, and you want to load the theme from the _themes/ folder.

├── conf.py
├── index.rst
├── _themes/
└── ...

To load the theme from a local directory:

  1. Create a local copy of the theme.

  2. Copy the directory sphinxawesome-theme/src/sphinxawesome_theme/ into your _themes/ directory in the Sphinx project:

    cp -r sphinxawesome-theme/src/sphinxawesome_theme _themes/
  3. Add the _themes/ directory to the system path in the Sphinx configuration:

    python File: conf.py
    import os
    import sys

    Adding this directory makes it discoverable for Python.

  4. Add the themes directory to the exclude_patterns list to prevent Sphinx from searching this path for documentation files:

    python File: conf.py
    exclude_patterns = ["_themes"]
  5. Add the theme as an extension and as a theme:

    python File: conf.py
    extensions = ["sphinxawesome_theme"]
    html_theme = "sphinxawesome_theme"